Friday, April 22, 2011

casting stones: aka rant, repent, repeat, part 2

god is funny. and (today, at least) i don't mean funny, ha-ha. now, there are moments of epiphany that i often experience that cause me to laugh, in a good way. today, however, i am experiencing god's wit in a different manner that can only be described as ironic. (at least, i think ironic is the best word, lest i pull an alanis morrissette and use ironic to describe what are really a series of unfortunate events.) anyway... this morning, i was having a conversation with a friend about a debate she attended last night. this debate was between the three candidates that are vying to become of head of the republican party of georgia. she started telling me about how the night proceeded, and some of the highlights included hearing that god was a republican (i wonder if god knows this?), bashing president obama, and observing one of the candidates take a picture of another candidate's skirt length. (it was above the knee. obviously too short for a political event in jackson county, ga. she must have been from atlanta.) when she told me that she and her husband had to step outside to get some air, i interjected, "i never would have made it." i then proceeded to verbally vomit on my friend about conservatives, words in red, backward people, etc. my vomit turned to dry heaves when she stopped me and said, "well, you might not have liked what they had to say, but at least you would have had the chance to talk to the candidates and share your opinions and beliefs with them. i didn't enjoy all of the night, but if you're gonna talk the talk of change, you have to walk the walk."

we will now pause for dramatic effect

yep, that one still stings! and. she. is. right. and. i. don't. like. it. i'm okay with my friend being right. mind you, she's a very smart person and is a regular contributor to the ongoing conversations in my life. what i don't like is the fact that i realized i was doing exactly what i criticize others of doing. this can range in concepts from creating us v them mentality to enjoying the division our country, and christianity, that we currently face. i'm casting stones, and i am not without sin. sometimes, i really wish i knew what jesus wrote with his finger in the sand that day...

on twitter yesterday, i wrote "rant. repent. repeat." lord, help me to truly consider the middle word and find a way to replace the latter. amen.

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