Thursday, March 31, 2011

spring. break. sin. heresy. (not necessarily in that order...)

spring. break. two more beautiful words have not been spoken in sequential order in, well, at least the past week. i am very ready for some play time with the kids. all three of my girls work very hard. as i am currently not employed with regular employment, and they are in school all day, i am thrilled for the opportunity to be with them! so, i am very excited as this spring break includes trips to my two favorite southern cities: savannah and st. augustine! all of the kids are excited, too. our exchange daughter is excited to re-visit savannah. she loved it on fall break and i promised a return trip. yet, truth be told, i am simply happy to be leaving the hee-haw-hell in which i reside, aka jackson county, for just a few days. btdubbs, last night i heard someone at my jefferson kroger tell the clerk that our nation was in trouble because we had a black president and needed more patriotic people in our country. i told her that our nation was in trouble because we had racist people that didn't know how to love others, and THAT was why our country was in trouble. i maybe could have handled the situation better (**note to reader, i am not telling the whole story of my interaction with this, um, lady (?)), but it is what is, y'all.
anyway, spring break is upon us. i have laundry going, and i have begun the house cleaning...i hate coming home to a dirty house! one of the most important aspects of spring break is the 'spring break reading'. i haven't purchased it yet, but my book of choice is "love wins" by rob bell. i must admit, i have always been a fan of rob bell, but i am incredibly compelled by his latest work. he delves into the question surrounding (yes, i said questions) heaven and hell. i have read the intro and bell, though he has never willingly answered the question, at least not that i am aware, is an emergent. at the very least he has emergent theological leanings. for those of you who are not familiar with the emergent church movement, do yourself a favor, google it. if nothing else, trying to figure this movement out is a good exercise in trying to nail jello to the wall, and my grad school study topic, if i am fortunate enough to work things out to attend school this fall...we'll see. we'll see: two more words that are beautiful when spoken in sequential order. two words that have kept me married for almost 19 years, or at the very least saved us from the shedding of blood during political, ahem, 'discussions'. anyway, i'm very excited to read bell's book. the sbc and other denominational heavies are all in a tizzy about it. i wonder if the sbc has ever considered that if they spent half the time they spend criticizing people for "sin" and "heresy" just loving people, they wouldn't need to to criticize people for, um, "sin" and "heresy". i'm just sayin'!